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Legendary television host and multiple Emmy Award winner Bob Barker dies at 99

Khaleejtimes 16 Sep 2023
Bob Barker,, a 19-time winner of the Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Game Show Host, has died at age 99, NBC News and Fox reported on Saturday. Barker was an affable fixture on U.S. television for half a century, a committed animal rights activist and vegetarian ... Exuberant contestants occasionally would bear-hug and even tackle Barker ... television ... .

Why dream hampton Won’t Give Up on Hip-Hop

The Atlantic 06 Sep 2023
She is now primarily a filmmaker and an activist ... She has also directed, written, or produced activist-minded entertainment, such as Finding Justice , a 2019 BET documentary series about Black grassroots organizing, and Freshwater , a 2022 visual memoir about flooding in Detroit.

Bob Barker's heartbreaking cause of death revealed

Canoe 05 Sep 2023
Advertisement 2. Story continues below ... Try refreshing your browser, or ... A longtime vegetarian and animal rights activist, Barker, who became a household name over 50 years of hosting Truth or Consequences and The Price Is Right, teamed up with PETA in 2013 for a campaign which highlighted how a meat-free diet could help prevent the brain disorder ... .

Bob Barker, longtime Price is Right host and animal rights activist, dies aged 99

The Observer 27 Aug 2023
In total, Barker taped more than 5,000 shows ... Barker, a vegetarian, was a longtime animal rights activist and teamed up in 1983 with Nancy Burnet, president of the United Activists for Animal Rights. In 1989 and 1991, both Barker and Burnet held rallies in New York City, where over 3,000 animal rights activists protested against the use of furs ... .

Adam Sandler, Drew Carey Remember Bob Barker: “The Man. The Myth. The Best”

The Hollywood Reporter 27 Aug 2023
Barker also a major animal rights activist and, according to PETA, one of the first stars to go vegetarian more than 30 years ago ... ‘come on down.’ In addition to his legendary 50-year career in broadcasting, Bob will be remembered as a dedicated animal rights activist.

Bob Barker, longtime host of 'The Price is Right,' dead at 99

The Hill 26 Aug 2023
Bob Barker, the suave elevision game show host most famous for his 35-year stint as the face of “The Price is Right,” died Saturday at his home in Los Angeles. He was 99 years old ... A scion of daytime television, Barker came from modest circumstances in Darrington, Washington ... A notable animal rights activist, Barker was also a vegetarian ... ....

While all eyes were on the Titan, the US approved lab-grown meat

Sify 21 Aug 2023
Kosher, Halal, or Vegetarian? ... It doesn’t look like cultured meat will get a vegetarian label anytime soon as animal rights activists have been quick to point out the use of fetal bovine serum (FBS) in the growth medium, an ingredient harvested from calf fetuses.In case you missed..

South Korean dog meat farmers push back against growing moves to outlaw their industry

Khaleejtimes 31 Jul 2023
Kim says he’s proud of the dog meat farm that has supported his family for 27 years, but is upset over growing attempts by politicians and activists to outlaw the business, which he is turning over to his children ... Animal rights activists stage a rally opposing South Korea's traditional culture of eating dog meat in Seoul.

from PMC Wagner to Stray Dogs

The Eastern Herald 05 Jul 2023
Photo. ArchiveNotebook... In fact, of course, the past event has nothing to do with animal welfare ... Until recently, Sergei Mironov loved Wagner’s PMC and posed with a hammer designed to smash skulls, but now he suddenly fell in love with animals and decided to become an animal rights activist and maybe even a vegetarian. ... ....

Putin's feminist crackdown won't crush the spirit of Russia's women

The Spectator 09 Apr 2023
feminism could soon be reclassified as an ‘extremist’ activity ... They are for divorce, for childlessness, for abortion ... Most popular ... Having been described in the Russian press as a ‘vegetarian’, ‘bi-sexual’, ‘eco-activist’ and a known Navalny-supporting participant in anti-war rallies, she’s also charged, inevitably, with being a ‘radical feminist’ ... .

Hart To Hart actress Stefanie Powers, 80, proves she is still a Hollywood beauty as ...

The Daily Mail 04 Apr 2023
Still has star power ... The well-traveled Hollywood veteran also insisted that she is not 'squeamish' around creepy crawlies and the only aspect of the show that put her off was eating living things as she is vegetarian and an animal activist ... 'I didn't want to eat them because I'm vegetarian but it didn't bother me that they crawled all over me.' ... .

Seattle law and caste in America: Stereotyping Indians in the name of social justice

Indian Express 24 Feb 2023
Recall the sound byte asking for protection against the \u201cmilitant vegetarianism of Jains\u201d mentioned earlier. It\u2019s because eating vegetarian food has been presented as evidence of casteism for a few years now, by the very activists manufacturing this issue. Ironically, Seattle prides itself on being very vegetarian-friendly.

Farhad Manjoo: Rescuing factory farm animals from cruelty should be legal

Pioneer Press 16 Feb 2023
I’m not a vegan, or even a vegetarian, but as I’ve written before, vegans and animal welfare activists deserve society’s immense respect rather than mockery because they are clearly right about the big issues ... In these rescues, activists are again putting themselves on the line to establish a worthy principle.

Walter Simpson, 73, longtime UB energy officer, activist

The Buffalo News 15 Feb 2023
Simpson was also a committed vegetarian and animal rights activist ... The Challenge of Environmental Sustainability," "Cool Campus! A How-To Guide for College and University Climate Action Planning" and the booklets "The Animal Connection" and "The Vegetarian Alternative."

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