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Editorial: ‘Not charity, but mutual aid’

Sun Star 19 Apr 2021
These communities are not to be blamed ... said it with finality ... This is reminiscent of the Food Not Bombs initiative, the anti-war resistance movement that was founded by anti-nuclear activists in the 1980s. A loose group of independents sharing vegan and vegetarian food, a counter-statement to large government and corporate spending on warfare ... .

TALK OF THE TOWN: Designer Stella McCartney sends models to prowl the streets of London ...

The Daily Mail 17 Apr 2021
As a passionate vegetarian and activist, Stella McCartney has insisted animals should never be 'the ingredients of a fashion show' and, true to her word, no animals were harmed in the making of her latest campaign, featuring a menagerie of horses, poodles, rabbits and wolves – because they were all models! ... Pictured. Stella McCartney ... Previous 1 Next.

A French city announced it would serve meatless school lunches. The backlash was swift.

Vox 01 Apr 2021
If anything, 98 percent of French kids don’t get enough fiber , something that eating more vegetarian foods would help achieve ... While vegetarians and climate activists might be eager to enact broad policies to curb meat consumption, such moves might only backfire and inspire greater opposition given how enmeshed meat is in cultural identity.

Book Review: Love Is A Revolution

The Stranger 31 Mar 2021
This book review was originally published on our sister site, The Portland Mercury ... It pretty much always blows up in one's face ... Nala ultimately decides to lie and say she’s a vegetarian who works at her grandmother’s retirement home in order to impress environmentalist Tye, an activist and avid Inspire Harlem volunteer ... Support The Stranger ... ....

Avoiding sin stocks? Why not look at their ESG parameters

The Times of India 28 Mar 2021
Most of the scorn or disdain with respect to ESG is because it is conflated with sin stocks ... Alcohol, gambling, tobacco and pornography are the most common examples. Peace activists may throw in weapons manufacturing while environmentalists might consider oil and coal. Vegetarians might similarly categorise companies that deal in animal products ... ITC ... .

Door Dash gives 5k awards to RI restaurants and other food news

The Providence Journal 24 Mar 2021
... share his advocacy for migrant workers and the legacy of Chavez, the Mexican American labor leader and civil rights activist.  Each chef will cook a cauliflower dish in honor of Chavez, a vegetarian, with the proceeds going to nonprofits supporting migrant workers.

Conservative media pioneer Rush Limbaugh dead at 70

Politico 17 Feb 2021
black activists, gay activists, abortion rights activists, homeless activists, animal rights activists, militant vegetarians, environmentalists, artists with erotic tendencies and, above all, ‘the NOW Gang.’ Such people he sees as crackpot oddball weirdos yet somehow, at the same time, a growing menace.”.

After Pork Giant Was Exposed for Cruel Killings, the FBI Pursued Its Critics

The Intercept 17 Feb 2021
Activists offer drinks and vegetarian sandwiches to workers finishing their shift as groups such as LA Animal Save, Slaughter Free Los Angeles, and Direct Action Everywhere demonstrate outside the Farmer John Slaughterhouse/Packing plant in Vernon, an industrial city five miles south of downtown Los Angeles, on Sept.

Want To Live A Greener Lifestyle? These 10 Top Brands Can Help

Huffington Post 28 Jan 2021
A new year feels like the right time to make some changes. start a health kick, ditch the meat, shop more sustainably ... It’s the place to meet fellow vegans and vegetarians, as well as climate and animal-rights activists, those interested in holistic and alternative therapies and eco-conscious singles of all persuasions from around the globe ... .

Local residents celebrate the life of 105-year-old Helene Young

Atlantic City 27 Jan 2021
Born Mildred Lisette Norman, Peace Pilgrim was an American spiritual teacher, mystic, pacifist, vegetarian and peace activist, best known for her long walks, including traversing the length of the Appalachian Trail as well as seven cross-country journeys.

University of Colorado Boulder junior named PETA activist of the year

Daily Camera 02 Jan 2021
Paige Scatena and a group of activists protest the rodeo at the Denver Coliseum. After that conversation, Scatena became a vegetarian ... Now, after years of animal rights activism, the University of Colorado Boulder junior has been named the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals activist of the year.

For young Californians, climate change is a mental health crisis too

Finger Lakes Times 28 Dec 2020
Climate depression played a central role in teenage activist Greta Thunberg’s political awakening, and according to Varshini Prakash — executive director of youth-focused climate activism group the Sunrise Movement — it’s not uncommon for her group to meet kids who have contemplated suicide over the climate crisis ... Some go vegetarian or vegan.

It's his land. Now a Canadian company gets to take it.

Herald and News 14 Dec 2020
As someone who spends a considerable amount of time bellyaching about “Earth Babies,” which is to say people with tattoos, vegetarians, animal-rights activists, urbanites and antifa — far-left activists who oppose white supremacists and are portrayed as rioters on Fox News — Gow assumed the Myrtle Creek meeting would be a clown show.

Lessons of history: What diet says about who we are

The Irish Times 12 Nov 2020
Feeding people a vegetarian soup, Aldridge claimed, was akin to feeding them “in the same manner as cows and sheep” ... James Haughton, an abolitionist and sometime activist for repeal of the Union, proposed a vegetarian diet as a solution to Ireland’s problems ... Vegetarian diet.

Racism in the closetAre queer spaces run by people of colour free of ableism, body ...

Deccan Herald 18 Oct 2020
I am amazed to find people who can name the exact ‘body type’ they are hunting for on digital dating apps ... “All of our desires, our preferencesthey come from somewhere, right? We don’t exist in a vacuum ... Read this alongside Padma Iyer’s 2015 advertisement, looking for a “well-placed, animal-loving, vegetarian groom” for her activist son Harrish Iyer.